Fire fighting 

About a year ago Rob brought home a fire fighter jacket and helmet for James. He wore the outfit once and then abandoned it. Then I went to his preschool parent/teacher meeting and was told one of his absolute favourite things is to role play being a fireman. Weird, huh?!

So I dug out the fire fighter outfit again and put it out and this morning we had a wander to the park.

He had such a great time putting out fires as we went down the street. fire fighter role play preschool

I told him there was a fire at the park and he ran down the longest straightest road to get there quickly. It was so cute seeing him run along all dressed in his emergency worker gear!

When we arrived at the playground he checked out his mission in the station before making sure there were no fires on any of the pieces of equipment.

checking out his next mission as a fire fighter
preschooler putting out a fire in the park

My favourite moment in this trip to the playground was when James was in the swings and I was pushing him. Noah was on my back – the playground is so muddy and his toddling is not up to a trip in the park yet. As I pushed James Noah was laughing and laughing with each push. Such a wonderful sound and I’m blessed that Noah laughs so often and so freely.
preschooler putting out a fire in outdoor role play

Does your child like to dress up in role play? Do you join in?


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