Run or Dye with children

Dad James run or dye colour run Cholmondeley castle

On Saturday my Dad and I, with the boys, went to the Run or Dye 5k event I posted about a few weeks ago.   We took part in the colour run at Cholmondeley Castle, in Cheshire, which was a beautiful setting for a run, walk, or, in James’ case, a toddle! The event took us past some gorgeous scenery, rare breeds of animals, and acres of farmland.

My planning for this event was lacking, to say the least. To begin with I left the wrong pushchair in the car. Instead of swapping to The Beast, which has chunky inflatable tyres and three wheels, I didn’t think it through properly and ended up taking our Nuna Pepp, which is only really suited to pavements. No matter, I thought, as I talked about this fact before we set out to Cholmondeley Castle in the morning. I knew the ground would be undulating and most likely grass, so I dismissed getting the pushchair out of the car, and felt grateful I’d two slings – one for Noah and a back-up for James when he gave up running. Alas, my packing skills are horrendous, and it turned out I’d only actually taken one sling, and that was the back-up one, so I was pretty lucky to have anything to transport children in at all!

So, Noah went in the sling, and James spent most of the course wandering slowly backwards or else on my dad’s shoulders!

After registering and picking up our goody bags, we went over to the start line. Already people were covered in colour!   
MC Sam was pepping the runners up as we waited for squads of runners to get started. He threw freebies into the crowd. Here’s the winner of some very cool sunglasses!

As the race began (it’s not really a race; you’re not timed, and you can walk the whole way if you want to), we were all covered in green coloured cornflour. It’s totally safe and Eco-friendly, though I was careful not to get any in Noah’s face just in case.
You go through a colour station every kilometre as well as at the start. You also get bags of dye in your goody bag, so you can be really bright and colourful!

As it turned out, we totally could have taken the pushchair! Most of the course was road, and one little preschooler actually did the whole event being pushed along in a rather dapper car.
Babyfoote run or dye pushchair

At the colour blasting stations, they were really careful not to throw colour on Noah, so I finished the event relatively clean. It was a lovely day, and we spent some time admiring the view, checking out some bees doing their thing, and looking at cows. All in all, we were pretty slow. Remember, it’s not a race unless you want it to be! But at each colour station the volunteers were REALLY enthusiastic, the music was pumping, and it was so much fun we felt driven to dance through the colour and continue to the next kilometre.
Bees runners cows run or dye Babyfoote
By the 4th kilometre, though, we kind of ran out of puff. By this point, my dad had carried James for hours and hours (it felt like it, at least), and James was excitedly running in the wrong direction whenever he was put down, so we followed the ‘route split’ directions and skipped the final colour station. We missed out on a brilliant purple.
Dad daughter run or dye Babyfoote
But just around the corner was the finish! We made it!
Run or dye Cholmondeley castle Babyfoote

There was a really fun party atmosphere at the finish area, with a stage where MC Sam and the Help for Heroes mascot were dancing to fantastic, uplifting music. Of course lots of colour was blasted into the air all over the partying crowd!


Babyfoote run or dye Cholmondeley castle party

My Dad’s FitBit showed that we’d actually walked 4.2miles, even though we skipped the final kilometre, so running around looking at things and chasing a toddler really does add up!
Cornflour colour hair blonde 5k

The Run or Dye event was absolutely brilliant, and made all the better knowing that you’re supporting great charity work like Help for Heroes while you’re being blasted with colour! You can definitely do it with children; even babies! I’d recommend taking a pushchair or sling you can wash or don’t mind too much about, since the cornflour is VERY colourful! I was worried about James’ blonde hair taking the colour, but it washed straight out without any problems. 

There are still loads of events to come all around the country. Check out my previous post for a discount code!

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